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Robert Donley

Birth date: April 21, 1957
Death date: July 2, 2012

Robert was loved and admired by all who knew him as he was full of compassion, a quick wit and a unique sense of humor. A poet at heart, he was also an assiduous reader. Inspired by biographies of great leaders, both military and spiritual, he applied that inspiration to his daily life. Many have had their burdens lifted due to his ability to mediate in difficult situations.

His family which over time included more than his blood was at most in his considerations. Although he respected the responsibilities he inherited in the world of business and executed with skill, his main concern was the well-being of the people he loved.

As was his very nature, he had an eye for quality and beauty. This was expressed in everything he did. His tastes in music reflected his appreciation of meaningful lyrics combined with creative music.

His first love was a 1949 Studebaker pick-up which he turned the tides to obtain. He was also the proud owner of a piper Comanche which he flew into and out of the most precarious situations. This passion developed into excellent examples of now collectable vehicles from the almost unobtainable Studebaker Golden, Super and Power Hawks to street rods including Dodge Darts and ever the Chrysler Hemi. Selectively, of course, he had to augment most of them with his own twist. His glorious 67 Chevelle had what appeared to be the tuba section of a grand orchestra protruding from its hood and sounded even better.

After graduation he went to the Sawtooth Mountain Foothills where his father Dick Donley was raised, to work in the multiple capacities as a sawyer. He returned to his home town and the promise of a future in the restaurant industry into which he dedicated his heart and his unique and unforgettable social demonstrations.

A kindred spirit to animals, he at one time had two pigs named Get Down and Rocko who came to an untimely end after raiding his mother’s house during a monthly neighborhood “Ladies Tea Party”. The raising a baby mountain lion as a pet gave him 2nd thought and was replaced by his beloved min-pin “Binki”. Animals were as besotten with him as he was of them. However, this exposed his tender heart which he so valiantly tried to cover.

Throughout his life he had pen to paper. Although he could not be persuaded to submit his literary creations to be published they could bring tears of compassion or laughter to the reader.

As God would have it, Robert was given a gift which would positively affect the lives of many, many anonymous people. This gift will undoubtedly be treasured by the souls who received it. They know who they are and have the lives to remember it and pass it on.

To say the least a vacancy has been created by his departure, yet ever filled by his existence.

Memorial Service: Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 3pm